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Reasons to Have standby generator

  • In case of electric utility power outage - you can be left without power for days or weeks - Standby Gas Generator will give your whole home power including refrigerator, TV's, dishwasher, lights, computers and more.
  • Having comfort knowing you have backup - always knowing you are backed up is better than not having in time of need. You will be able to access the standby generators power 24/7
  • Heavy rain or bad weather - you wont have to worry about leaving your house in times where power surges can damage local utility lines and you will be left without lights
  • Safety and Security - you don't want to be left in a dark home with no lights or power to security camera systems which can help for your family's safety.

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Standby Residential Generators

About standby generators

Standby generators are somewhat different than a portable generators and have much more power output which can run your entire home.

We recommend the standby generator which has a direct tie to your homes natural gas line, that way you have a constant source of power.

When the electric utility grid goes down in an emergency, the standby generators transfer switch will automatically kick in your generator to start and continue to provide uninterrupted power to your home.

It usually takes about under a minute for the transfer switch to turn on the generator
. This type usually has a battery locked inside the generator compartment out of sight which acts as a car battery to kick start the motor.