Emergency electrical services -

  • Just takes one quick call - We will be there right away, Just give us a call or send us a online request. We can take care of any Emergency Electrical Service you need.
  • Lights not working - We can bring you back up and running right away. Commercial or Residential it is not a good thing to have your power go down, we can help. Call us now, we are here for you.
  • Circuit Breaker tripping can be caused by a serious matter, please use caution when resetting, it is safer to have licensed electrician troubleshoot before resetting. Circuit breaker can trip due to line short, overloaded circuit, or ground fault and resetting without troubleshooting can cause fire .

electrical services - Residential & Commercial

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4 LED Recessed Lights - 4 inch or 6 inch

ONLY $250 each

Includes LED Light, Recessed Can and New Wiring

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Whole House Surge Protection Device -

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Includes wiring and installation

electrical services -

  • We are local - You wont have to deal with a company that will schedule you a month from now. We are available for you right away with licensed electricians that will provide you with a safe and completed project
  • Complete Commercial Electrical Services - Go with someone experienced that can tackle your commercial job and complete from start to finish. We install fluorescent ceiling lights, electrical panels, HPS or Metal Halide lighting, power outlets and more. Got high ceilings, we'll bring in our electric lift to work more efficiently and save you more labor hours.
  • Electrical Panels - We can install or upgrade your electrical panels in your home. When looking for upgrading to a larger 600A panel or just adding a sub-panel we will provide you with quality workmanship.
  • Receptacle Power Outlets - We can add dedicated power outlets throughout your home so you can plug in your additional devices. We also install receptacle outlets with USB built in so you can charge your phone and tablet simultaneously and have the standard power outlets for additional devices.
  • Recessed Lighting - Need a brighter living room, kitchen or just modern look? There are really nice efficient recessed lights that can save you money with LED technology. They give great light output using very small amount of power.
  • Ceiling Fans - Adding a Ceiling Fan not only gives you cooler airflow during the summer but can also lower your air conditioning costs by spreading out the cool air throughout your home.
  • Lighting Controls -There are many ways to control your lights to give the right lighting touch effect or just full bright. We install dimmers, light switches, occupancy sensors and programmable lighting controls for your entire home that can be controlled right from your phone or tablet.
  • House Electrical Rewiring - Many homes have older outdated electrical panels that are wired with dried out chipping wires that can be unsafe for you and your family. These type of old wires are the cause of electrical fires and can be prevented by rewiring your existing lines. By rewiring the unsafe existing lines you will have the safety and not have to worry about plugging in additional devices or having circuit breakers trip.
  • Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) - New 2020 National Electrical Code requires residential homes to have AFCI installed in their electrical panels. The AFCI protects your home from a fire caused by damaged power supply cords, pushing furniture against cords plugged into outlets, accidentally piercing electrical cable behind drywall and hammering electrical cable staples too tightly into studs during rough wiring
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What you get - An electrician that is licensed and skilled with experience that can solve and troubleshoot in a shorter amount of time resulting in saving you money and headache of calling in other electricians to fix what the previous one could not.

It is important to hire an electrician that is Licensed in California and has proper knowledge of up to date 2020 National Electrical Code. This way the electrician is accountable for his workmanship and you receiving a proper completed project.

We have great pricing for all our services due to having lower overhead costs than any comparable competitor. Our lower operating costs are passed on to our customers, and with 0% Financing available we can make your electrical project completed today!

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