BMW i Wallbox Pure Electric Vehicle Charger with wall mount cord management and disconnect

*Price for installation next to main electric meter panel. If requested permit and distance from main electric panel will adjust pricing.

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Reasons to Have EV 240V Charger

  • Time of Charge - Cut time of charge to quarter of the time compared to the standard 120v charger
  • Unlock vehicle driving range - With a 240v Charger you will have faster charge times which will result in more electric range and not having to tap into your gasoline reserve SAVES YOU MORE MONEY
  • Future Proof - You will have your home future proof when purchasing additional electric vehicles for your family members.
  • Charge more cars - Have the power to charge multiple cars throughout your day and not worry about family members not being able to charge their electric vehicle.
  • Dependable and Safe -By having a dedicated circuit breaker feeding your electric vehicle car charger will take the burden of overloading your existing 120v wall outlet which is tied to other circuits in your home - helping the electrical wiring in your home run more efficient without the overloaded 10-14 hours charge time on a 120v circuit

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ONLY  - $650 Complete Electric Vehicle Car Charger Installation

*Price includes up to 5ft from main electrical panel, new circuit breaker, new wiring, new conduit, wire and wall mount ev charger. (EV Charger not included in price, EV Charger can be provided by home owner or we can provide for additional cost.

100 AMP 150 AMP Not Sure
Spark i3 500e Rav4 EV i-MiEV C-MAX Energi Model X Other
Ford Tesla Mercedes Mitsubishi Other

Fast electric vehicle chargers

Using 120V car charger that typically is included with your electric vehicle takes forever to charge.

That is why every electric vehicle owner MUST have a 240V 40amp electric vehicle charger.

Owning the 50amp 240V electric vehicle charging station will reduce charging time down to couple hours, which allows you to fully take advantage of what your electric vehicle is capable of.

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